Ipoh Parade's Merdeka Colouring Contest

Witness Our Annual Display of National Pride

Hundreds of children flocked into Ipoh Parade’s Main Atrium on Independence Day to participate in a popular annual tradition that celebrates Merdeka. While all eyes was on the capital for Malaysia’s 59th birthday, families in Ipoh had a chance to instil the spirit of patriotism amongst their young through Ipoh Parade’s Merdeka Colouring Contest.


A joint event by Ipoh Parade and Sin Chew Daily, with much support by the World of Colours Arts Centre, the competition has always been about teaching children core principles and values with a splash of colour. As with previous incarnations, the contest was divided into three age categories: 10 – 12 (11:00am), 7 – 9 (1:00pm), and 4 – 6 (3:00pm). The mall received over 950 participants this year.

“We’re delighted that people keep coming back to our Merdeka Colouring Contest, as we believe the contest is a good platform for children to express their patriotic spirit,” said Chan Yu Yin, Centre Manager for Ipoh Parade. “Children are given the opportunity to display their love for the country in the most benign way possible, and they do it with much aplomb with the flourish of colours at their disposal.”

A total of RM5,000 worth of prizes were given away to winners in the form of gifts and vouchers, all of which were generously sponsored by the mall’s tenants such as Voir Gallery, My Home One, Body Glove, Popular, E-gift, and IP Event, the last of which has been pivotal to the contest’s success.

The following are the list of winners along with some images:

Category A (10 – 12 Years Old)

Champion        - Lim Xuan

1st Runner Up  - Yee Wen Qi

2nd Runner Up - Kong Pak Heng

Category B (7 – 9 Years Old)

Champion       - Lee See Xuan

1st Runner Up - Yousef Umar

2nd Runner Up - Loke Kah Hui

Category C (4 – 6 Years Old)

Champion       - Rainie Chang Siew Wen

1st Runner Up - Wong Wei Hui

2nd Runner Up - Jonathan Liew Shan Jin