Towards A Cleaner and Happier Future

Ipoh Parade Inculcates the Importance of Conservation Among Children

October is a special month for all Malaysian children as it is time when they are celebrated and, of course, indulged in gifts for Children’s Day fall within the month for Malaysia. To commemorate this special occasion and as per Ipoh Parade’s annual tradition, the mall once again invited numerous kindergartens around the area to participate in a major celebration that honours children and provides them with platform to showcase their talents. As Children’s Day has always been about promoting the welfare of children and protecting their rights, Ipoh Parade collaborated with local celebrity host, Baki Zainal, to raise awareness on the importance of marine conservation efforts in Malaysia in order to secure a cleaner future for generations to come.

A total of 1,700 children from over 20 kindergartens performed at the Main Atrium of Ipoh Parade over three weekends, beginning on 1 October and concluding on 16 October. A new and major feature for this year’s celebrations at Ipoh Parade is the collaborative effort with Baki Zainal to promote awareness on marine conservation. In May 2016, he launched a photo-taking contest on his Instagram page, inviting fans and followers to submit images that highlight water resources in Malaysia with the hashtag #ItsAboutTime. The result of this rewarded Baki with hundreds of images that foreground the need to protect this valuable resource, and which ultimately contributed to the photo exhibition he will be setting up at Ipoh Parade among other locations.

This marks Ipoh Parade’s first and novel approach to Children’s Day as the mall pushes the need for conservation in order to guarantee the younger generation’s access to a vital resource.