Ipoh Parade’s Merdeka Colouring Contest 2015

The Popular Competition Is Back!

On Monday, 31 August 2015, hundreds of talented children who could do more than simply colour within the lines gathered at the Ipoh Parade’s main atrium to compete in the mall’s popular annual Merdeka Colouring Contest. As hopeful parents assessed their children’s competition from beyond the barriers, the participants themselves all carried intense expressions as they coloured away furiously in hopes of snagging lucrative prizes.

While all eyes are on the capital for the nation’s 58th birthday on Monday, families in Ipoh instead got the chance to instil the spirit of patriotism amongst their young through the Colouring Contest. A joint event by Ipoh Parade and Sin Chew Daily, with much support by the World of Colours Arts Centre, the competition has always been about teaching children core principles and values with a splash of colour. As with previous incarnations, the contest was divided into three age categories: 4 – 6, 7 – 9, and 10 – 12 years old, all of which took place successively through the day.

All winners of the contest for each category stood tall and proud as they brandished their vibrant artworks on stage, then walking away with trophies, certificates, products and cash vouchers generously sponsored by Thermos Malaysia, 5G Gallery, senQ, Baskin Robbins, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, d’Artiz Studio, Tutti Frutti, Papa John’s Pizza, Kopitiam Avenue, Hush Puppies Apparels, Takasima Health Mart, and Century BookStore. Additionally, every single participant exited the colouring arena beaming with goodie bags in hand, courtesy of the sponsors.

Category A - Top 3 & 10 Consolation Prize Winners

Category B - Top 3 & 10 Consolation Prize Winners

Category C - Top 3 & 10 Consolation Prize Winners

“The contest is a good platform for children from diverse cultural backgrounds to express their patriotic spirit,” said Chan Yu Yin, Centre Manager for Ipoh Parade. “Children are the future of our country, and so we want to nurture the spirit of harmony and unity in diversity whilst giving them the opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity.”