Ipoh Parade’s Kindergarten Showtime in Conjunction with World Children’s Day 2015

While Children’s Day won’t be upon us till the first week of November, the team at Ipoh Parade has decided to dedicate the entire month of October to celebrate children! The “Kindergarten Performances” is one of Ipoh Parade’s iconic annual events, where children from various kindergartens around town will get the chance to perform on stage. This year, a total of 26 kindergartens participated in the fun-filled event that’s spans over three weeks, beginning from 11 October till 31 October.

This year the event is spread across 4 weeks starting from 11th October till 31st October with 26 kindergartens with a total of 1500 children showcasing various talents; public speaking, storytelling, dancing, or singing. During the opening day, 11th October - Sunday of this 4 week-long event, students from 3 kindergartens – Tadika Tiny-Tots, Tadika Kinderland & Children House performed. Followed by on the 14th October, students from another 3 kindergartens – Kinder Castle, Tadika Junior Creative Ria & Pusat Jagaan Sri Manja performed.

The following weekend on the 17th – 18th October, total of 7 kindergarten comprising Persatuan Taska Perak, 3Q MRC Junior, Tadika Ipoh Baptist , Tadika Cerdik Comel Ceria, Gems Daycare, Tadika Cekap Pintar, Tadika Chung Shan, and Tadika Bestari participated. The performances were scheduled from 11am till 6.30pm during the both days

On the 3rd weekend, 9 kindergartens were participating and they are; Tiny-Tots Montessori Centre, Yuk Choy Kindergarten, Taska La Petite, Tadika Bestari Minda / SmarterMinds Kindergarten, Tadika Kinderjoy, Taska Kids Choice, Smart Minds, Tadika Q-Dees and Love and Care Team. Approximately 500 students participated during this weekend alone to showcase their talents in either singing, dancing, public speaking or other activities.

Finally during the 4th week – 31st October which was is an extended day due to overwhelming response, 4 kindergartens participated which was Happy Kids Nursery, Taska & Tadika Choo, Tadika Cenderawasih and Big Apple Eduworld. 

“Ipoh Parade has always been a place for the community and a champion of the arts,” comments Chan Yu Yin, Centre Manager for the mall, “and we firmly believe in providing our children a platform to grow. This isn’t just an event for the parents; it is an event for the community to enjoy, to witness the development of a younger generation, and to celebrate children”.

This event would not have been possible without the support from Kopitiam Avenue, Hush Puppies, and Tutti-Frutti, all of whom are valued tenants at Ipoh Parade.