Ipoh Parade Hosts Perak’s Inaugural Cultural Fair

Get Cultured!

Ipoh, 1 September 2016 – September is always a big month for Ipoh Parade as the mall readies itself to house hundreds of intricately designed lanterns that come in varying shapes and sizes. The mall’s annual Lantern Making Competition & Exhibition returned once again to thousands of spectators as they flock into Ipoh Parade to marvel at the year’s latest creations. 2016 was particularly spectacular, as the exhibition was a 3-day event and part of Perak state’s inaugural Cultural Fair (or “Pesta Kebudayaan Sempena Hari Malaysia Peringkat Negeri Perak”).

The opening ceremony for the fair commenceed on 10 September at 7:00pm, where Perak’s Chief Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Diraja Dr. Zambry b. Abd. Kadir was present to officiate the event at Ipoh Parade’s Main Atrium.

Although this happened only in the evening, various events and activities started earlier in the morning of the 10th, where shoppers was cosseted in a slew of exhibitions that featured Malaysia’s cultural heritage. Competitions abound in the mall over the weekend as well and shoppers was able to witness stimulating Chinese Chess competitions and a sub-lantern making competition on stage.

The number of participants for the main Lantern Making Contest has increased to 200 this year, and the mall was expecting a bigger crowd due to the influx of city dwellers returning for Eid al Adha. As such, mall visitors also had the opportunity to look forward to an array of cultural performances such as silat and Cantonese Opera during that weekend.

The fair culminated on Sunday, 11 September, at 2:00pm during the closing ceremony that was attended by YB Dato’ Mah Hang Soon, Perak’s EXCO, though the exhibitions remained in the mall until Monday the 12th.