Merdeka Colouring Contest
(1 September 2014)

Children are blank canvases—they absorb and mirror the colours we choose to embellish them with, and they become increasingly resistant to change once the colours have set. On Monday 1 September 2014, hundreds of children gathered at Ipoh Parade’s Ground Floor Atrium with colouring equipment at hand, eager to tint, paint, and shade a vivid picture of Malaysia during the annual Merdeka Colouring Contest. Like its predecessors, the contest was divided into three age categories: 4 – 6, 7 – 9, and 10 – 12, all of which took place successively through the day. Like the number of different colours available to the artist on a palette, our children are united by their differences and Ipoh Parade is happy to encourage them to utilise these differences to paint a masterpiece that is Malaysia.