Festival of Lights (8 – 17 August 2014)

On Friday 8 August 2014, Ipoh Parade’s Festival of Lights kicked off with the illumination of their state-of-the-art Animated Graphics Façade, a unique structure bursting with a flurry of colours at the building’s main entrance. The event marks a major milestone for Ipoh Parade as it completed its transformation, donning a futuristic frontage and retaining its status as the premier shopping destination for all. Thousands were at the mall’s entrance since early evening, armed with balloons in hand and counting down to the precise moment when the building module galvanizes then comes to life, marking the arrival of a progressive and enhanced shopping experience to Ipoh Parade. The conclusion of the celebrations on Friday night marks only the beginning of the week-long Festival of Lights, which continued to entertain visitors to the mall with carnivalesque activities, games, and performances.