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Lantern Making Competition
(30 – 31 August 2014)

The art of lantern making has long departed from the limitations of its shape. Now, with the influx of contemporary materials and the rise of more resourceful inventors, lanterns are available in various shapes and sizes, some even requiring a proper platform to buttress their sheer weight. Such lanterns, a product of Ipoh Parade’s annual Lantern Making Competition, was exhibited during Merdeka weekend, allowing patrons of the mall to admire the handiwork of some of Ipoh’s most talented lantern makers.

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Give Chance A Dance (17 August 2014)

There’s more to communication than spewing words and syllables. Some people simply prefer to dance it out. On 17 August 2014, a total of 20 teams comprised of students from d’Artiz Streetdance Studio and Yencci Studio will participate in a Dance Showcase Competition called “Give Chance A Dance” jointly organised by Ipoh Parade and d’Artiz Streetdance Studio. In addition to showcasing emerging talent, the competition is also a community initiative by Ipoh Parade and Soroptimist International to aid indigent children by donating a portion of the funds generated during the event to them.

Festival of Lights (8 – 17 August 2014)

On Friday 8 August 2014, Ipoh Parade’s Festival of Lights kicked off with the illumination of their state-of-the-art Animated Graphics Façade, a unique structure bursting with a flurry of colours at the building’s main entrance. The event marks a major milestone for Ipoh Parade as it completed its transformation, donning a futuristic frontage and retaining its status as the premier shopping destination for all. Thousands were at the mall’s entrance since early evening, armed with balloons in hand and counting down to the precise moment when the building module galvanizes then comes to life, marking the arrival of a progressive and enhanced shopping experience to Ipoh Parade. The conclusion of the celebrations on Friday night marks only the beginning of the week-long Festival of Lights, which continued to entertain visitors to the mall with carnivalesque activities, games, and performances.

Mighty Minds National Challenge
(17 May 2014)

The arena at Ipoh Parade was set for a cerebral competition jointly organised by RHB and The Star, whereby the cream of the crop of various schools in Perak are invited to participate in a trial of wits and a tussle in intellect. Students will be subjected to three challenges where they are evaluated on their general knowledge, innovativeness and presentation skills in hopes of nabbing lucrative prizes and earning national recognition for their schools.

Moms On Parade (12 May 2014)

In this digital age, we scramble to find beauty in the most exotic of locations that we look past beauty that’s right in front of us. This Mother’s Day, Ipoh Parade celebrated a beauty that has been the inspiration for so many through its annual “Moms on Parade” pageant. The pageant was divided into two age categories, and there were three main winners for each category. Motherhood has a timeless appeal and Ipoh Parade wishes to extol such virtues by providing a platform for mothers to show the public what truly makes them beautiful.