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Gifts Worth Giving

Ipoh Parade’s 7th Annual “Grant A Wish” Campaign 

29 November 2016, Ipoh - “To give up one's very self, to think only of others, how to bring the greatest happiness to others—that is the true meaning of Christmas.” A phrase commonly expressed during Christmas with origins traced back to the nineteenth-century, it is precisely in this spirit that Ipoh Parade has once again commenced its annual “Grant A Wish” tradition. Exclusive to Ipoh Parade, “Grant A Wish” paves way to encourage the public to share the joy of Christmas with underprivileged children.

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Towards A Cleaner and Happier Future

Ipoh Parade Inculcates the Importance of Conservation Among Children

October is a special month for all Malaysian children as it is time when they are celebrated and, of course, indulged in gifts for Children’s Day fall within the month for Malaysia. To commemorate this special occasion and as per Ipoh Parade’s annual tradition, the mall once again invited numerous kindergartens around the area to participate in a major celebration that honours children and provides them with platform to showcase their talents. As Children’s Day has always been about promoting the welfare of children and protecting their rights, Ipoh Parade collaborated with local celebrity host, Baki Zainal, to raise awareness on the importance of marine conservation efforts in Malaysia in order to secure a cleaner future for generations to come.

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Ipoh Parade Hosts Perak’s Inaugural Cultural Fair

Get Cultured!

Ipoh, 1 September 2016 – September is always a big month for Ipoh Parade as the mall readies itself to house hundreds of intricately designed lanterns that come in varying shapes and sizes. The mall’s annual Lantern Making Competition & Exhibition returned once again to thousands of spectators as they flock into Ipoh Parade to marvel at the year’s latest creations. 2016 was particularly spectacular, as the exhibition was a 3-day event and part of Perak state’s inaugural Cultural Fair (or “Pesta Kebudayaan Sempena Hari Malaysia Peringkat Negeri Perak”).

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Ipoh Parade's Merdeka Colouring Contest

Witness Our Annual Display of National Pride

Hundreds of children flocked into Ipoh Parade’s Main Atrium on Independence Day to participate in a popular annual tradition that celebrates Merdeka. While all eyes was on the capital for Malaysia’s 59th birthday, families in Ipoh had a chance to instil the spirit of patriotism amongst their young through Ipoh Parade’s Merdeka Colouring Contest.


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Ipoh Parade Hot Mama

The Hot Mama Contest was a pageant extolling motherhood and was organised to commemorate Mother’s Day. 22 participants from Perak and Penang paraded their best looks on stage and wowed the audience with their winsome personalities. After a grueling selection process over the weekend, the top ten finalists were handpicked to compete against each other at the Finals on 1 May 2016.

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