Ipoh Parade Celebrates Terrifying Fun Halloween with Shoppers!

Ipoh, 25 Oct – The past weekend, Ipoh Parade transformed into a realm of terrifying carnival, creating a fun Halloween for its shoppers. If you were at Ipoh Parade during this time, you may have crossed paths with eerie mascots that sent chills down your spine. The mall also played host to a trick-or-treating extravaganza, and a children’s Halloween costume contest that had over a hundred parents and their little ghouls and goblins participating. 

Accompanied by their parents, the children embarked on a quest to 14 participating stores, where they were treated to a bounty of treats and goodies. These generous stores included (in no particular order) HWC Coffee, Magic Game Centre, Missha, Lazo Diamond, Energized, BMStar Technology, KBox Karaoke, Drum, Illusion Optical, Molly Fantasy, No Deal, Secret Nail Color, Super Color and Ebony Guitar Music House.

Excited participants anticipate the start of the Trick or Treat session.

A BMStar Technology staff member sweetens the Trick or Treat experience for kids.

Despite the Halloween theme being “Carnival of Terrors,” the children participating in the costume contest showcased more cuteness than spookiness. From the meticulously designed costumes to the creative makeup, parents put their best efforts to ensure their children resembled their chosen characters. After all, these little contenders were all under the age of 12.

The competition drew 32 contestants, all vying for prizes totalling RM850. Kimberly Ng, a talented 10-year-old, emerged as the champion with her confident stage presence  and articulate self-introduction and congratulatory message. The first and second runner-up were secured by 7-year-old Lim Sze Hanz and 6-year-old Raisya Eryna, respectively.

Ipoh Parade’s Advertising and Promotion Manager Lim Huey Ting said that the mall’s two-day  Halloween carnival aimed to provide a platform for parent-child interaction, allowing families to create cherished memories together. The event’s success was further boosted by the mall’s tenants, who enthusiastically participated in  the trick or treat session and generously sponsored the competition prizes.

Please find below the competition results:

PrizesWinner / AgePrizes Worth
ChampionKimberly Ng / 10RM300 worth of cash & prizes
1st Runner-upLim Sze Hanz / 7RM200 worth of cash & prizes
2nd Runner-upRaisya Eryna Binti Noorfawwaz Zahin / 6RM100 worth of cash & prizes
Consolation PrizeGoh Yu Qing / 8RM50 worth of prizes
Consolation PrizeLim Sze Xinz / 6RM50 worth of prizes
Consolation PrizeQaiser Izzahariq Bin Irwandy / 10RM50 worth of prizes
Consolation PrizeBianca Lee Chien Rou / 5RM50 worth of prizes
Consolation PrizeWynn  Li Hao Ran / 4RM50 worth of prizes

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