Legend of Tea


With the stern principle of ‘value over price’, Legend of Tea emphasises on providing top tier quality of tea leaves and products to consumers. Founded in 1993 by Mr Ng Shu Loong, the creation of ‘Legend of Tea’ was inspired by the tea philosophy during the Tang Dynasty, which is drawn from the essence of teachings in Confucians, Tao, and Zen that emphasise the union of humanity and nature that leads to the highest form of tea appreciation.

Legend of Tea holds on to the philosophy and teachings of the way of tea. The company practises the culture of respect towards tea while producing all the tea products. From getting the best quality of raw materials, followed by attentiveness of skilled mastery in the production of tea, each product packaging is specially designed, not influenced by the modern trend, and upholds the true essence of daily living. As such, ‘Legend of Tea’ believes that the product will enhance the customers’ tea drinking experience, allowing them to embrace the beauty of tea art and the tea itself.




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