Adi Dassler’s simple yet brilliant idea was to provide each athlete with the best possible equipment to enable peak performances. This vision would change everything. His strong belief in it made him ignore his father’s idea that his son would make an excellent baker. Instead the very passionate athlete repurposed his mother’s tiny wash kitchen to follow his own dream. So, yes, we guess you could say that adidas was started in a wash kitchen.

No question that we have left that wash kitchen behind. We have changed and adapted. We succeeded and lost. We fell and stood back up. And in the end, we emerged as one of the most popular and best-known sporting goods companies in the world with a product range that extends from footwear and apparel to accessories for all kinds of different sports, a brand that impresses athletes just as much as fashion experts.

Our World Cup balls touch the Hand of God and make grown men cry, our performance footwear breaks world records and boosts the laws of energy, our fashion apparel dominates the catwalks of the world and the streets of the city. And at the core, we still provide the best for each athlete. Just like what that young man dreamt of when he entered that wash kitchen almost 100 years ago and changed the world of sports forever. And thanks to Adi Dassler’s passion and dedication, we look back on a history unlike any other in the industry; a history so rich and unique that we still base everything we do on that one founding thought.

Four words. So simple. No athlete left behind.
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