Bath and Body Works


As part of mega fashion-retail group, L Brands, Bath & Body Works is an outstanding fragrance and beauty brand known by many all over the globe. Originating from the States, Bath & Body Works expanded into Asia-Pacific in 2014 and opened its first regional store in Marina Bay Sands.

Bath & Body Works has been involved in various corporate social responsibility events – implementing an internal Foreign Migrant Worker Policy and partnership with Pacific Links Foundation on the FACT (Factory Awareness to Counter Trafficking) project to reduce risk and educate other managements about human trafficking and forced labour in production lines.

Bath & Body Works also participated in the Human Rights Campaign and attained a perfect score in the Corporate Equality Index in 2018 – reinforcing its mission of creating an environment of fair treatment and inclusion within and outside their organisation – regardless of colour, race, religion or background.

Experience the extensive Bath & Body Works product range that includes wearable fragrances, moisturisers, hand soaps, sanitisers and aromatherapy oils.