FAZURA is the eponymous label founded and created by Nur Fazura Sharifuddin that was originally launched as a fashion and accessories apparel; FAZBULOUS in 2010.

The brand has now expanded into other product lines, such as natural skincare range; FAZURA SKINCARE, cosmetics range; FAZURA BEAUTY and a range modest headscarves; TUDUNG FAZURA.

Our brand was created with great inclusivity and diversity, focusing on a wide-range of products that are suitable for everybody.

FAZURA is a brand that resonate well with everyone as we favour quality over quantity without breaking the bank of our consumers.

Our consumers can expect great and quality products that will not only be beneficial, but also value tremendous experiences that can create a longer usability and strong brand loyalty in a longer run.

We want to be inclusive for everybody as FAZURA is meant for everyone who is unique, carefree and sincere, regardless of their personal and professional backgrounds.




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