Ipoh Parade Awarded “Biggest Outdoor LED Advertising Screen” Title by the Malaysia Book of Records

Ipoh, 15 April 2015 – The news had been swift and simple: Ipoh Parade was officially the national titleholder for having the “Biggest Outdoor LED Advertising Screen”. The title was awarded by the Malaysia Book of Records, who acknowledged the glass-paneled structure forming Ipoh Parade’s entrance along Jalan Sultan Idris Shah as being an architectural marvel and deserving of being ranked amongst the “Best of the Nation”. [

When Ipoh Parade underwent major refurbishment works in 2013, the mall installed colour-shifting glass panels at its west elevation to improve the appearance of its main entrance, and to include a massive LED Advertising Screen. The final product is one that’s practical in its function and aesthetically pleasing in its architecture, subsequently projecting Ipoh Parade as a herald of modernity to the charming city.

The glass panel façade stands at a massive surface of approximately 1,900 square metres. For its size, the façade only consumes around 23kW of energy at its peak, but averages at about 12kW depending on the visual effects chosen. Great consideration has been taken to account for the façade’s lighting intensity to minimise light pollution while ensuring that the structure would only require minimal maintenance. The technology behind these glass panels is based on a free-form pixelation system that is best suited for irregularly shaped media façades, affording graphic designers the complete freedom and flexibility to map a pixel wherever they want to with great precision.

“Words fall short in describing my happiness over this news,” comments Chan Yu Yin, Centre Manager for Ipoh Parade. “It is a great honour to be acknowledged by the Malaysia Book of Records, and this acknowledgement would only serve to fuel our continued and tireless devotion to the community at Ipoh, whose unending support has allowed Ipoh Parade to become the mall it is today. This is an award we proudly share with the rest of Ipoh, and is a symbol of our gratitude to those who have stood by us and believed in us.”

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