One-of-a-Kind Succulent Fair at Ipoh Parade

Visitors Got the Chance to Explore Rare and Exotic Varieties

Ipoh, 7 March 23 – For those who missed the inaugural Kuala Lumpur Park Festival, they had the opportunity to experience some of that botanical magic right here at Ipoh Parade at one of the largest and most diverse succulent fairs courtesy of Cactus Boy Nursery!

The 3-day fair, which was held from 31 March to 2 April, successfully attracted about 5,000 shoppers who admired and purchased the luscious succulents on display. “Many shoppers hailed from North Malaysia, and most of them drove here from Penang to attend the first day of the fair,” said Koh.

Ipoh’s very first Succulent Fair was the site for many colourful and exotic succulents that have seen a surge of interest since the lockdown days due to their easy-to-care-for nature and jaw-dropping diversity.

“It is a great honour to be able to work with Ipoh Parade and make this fair happen, as I have never
done anything of the sort at such a scale before,” commented Koh Kuan Meng aka Cactus Boy. “I am
very excited to share some of my unique discoveries with the people of Ipoh and to educate
everyone on how to properly care for their succulents.”

Koh is no stranger to succulents, having been in the business of cultivating and selling them for
several years now despite his young age. Formerly based in Johor, Koh has set up a new base of
operations for his burgeoning succulent enterprise at Ipoh Parade’s sister mall, CITTA Mall, where he also most recently launched the country’s very first succulent vending machine.

Visitors to the fair joined personalised workshops where Koh addresses common issues about caring for succulents. Shoppers who purchased any five succulents and a pot were also able to learn how to make an arrangement with their selection over two sessions on both days.

Lim Huey Tyng, Manager of Advertising and Promotions, Ipoh Parade, said, “We thank members of the public who visited and shopped at the fair. The success of this fair is due to their strong support and positive response. We hope that in the future we can introduce more variety of events and fairs to meet the needs of our shoppers.”

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