Ipoh Parade Ushers in the Year of the Dragon with A Symphony of Blossoms

Ipoh, 20 Jan – The Ipoh Parade’s CNY celebrations extend beyond performances and activities to enchanting visual experiences. The main court on the ground floor of Ipoh Parade has undergone a breathtaking transformation into a garden of plum blossoms. This magnificent display promises to captivate all visitors, welcoming shoppers to immerse themselves in a spectacle of natural beauty.

A sea of pink plum blossoms adorns the main court, inviting all who step in to admire and capture the essence of this awe-inspiring setting. Symbolising courage, hope, and new life, the plum blossom, with its characteristics of cold resistance, embodies the spirit of the season.

Enhancing this picturesque scene are vibrant lanterns hung delicately on the plum blossom trees, creating a magical spectacle. These lanterns, symbolising reunion and celebrations, illuminate the garden with a warm and inviting glow. When brightly lit, the lights shine forth in hope for a brighter and successful year ahead.

At the heart of this enchanting display stands a majestic plum blossom tree, commanding attention as the centrepiece. Complementing this centrepiece are two other branches, each adorned with the same delicate blossoms, embellishing the stage. This visual masterpiece engulfs shoppers in a romantic wave of pink, evoking the sensation of wandering through a fantasy garden.

In an exuberant celebration of the Chinese New Year, Ipoh Parade is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated CNY Talent Contest 2024. Scheduled for the 21st of January, 2024, at the illustrious Ipoh Parade Main Court, this event promises a dynamic showcase of musical talent set against the joyful backdrop of the festive season.

This talent extravaganza welcomes participants to unleash their musical prowess on stage, inviting an array of performances limited only by imagination. Solo acts or group performances, with a maximum of eight individuals, are encouraged to captivate audiences with their musical finesse.

Competition Highlights:
Date: 21 January 2024 (Sunday) 
Time: 2:00 pm 
Venue: Ipoh Parade Main Court

With a thematic focus on the Chinese New Year, performances must align with the festive spirit. Each act is allotted a maximum time slot of four minutes, adhering to guidelines ensuring the absence of profanity or divisive messaging within any accompanying music.

Distinguished judges will evaluate performances based on various criteria, including entertainment value, creativity, showmanship, technical difficulty, and overall presentation.

The CNY Talent Contest 2024 boasts an impressive array of rewards for the most exceptional talents. The champion will receive RM 1,500 worth of cash and prizes, followed by the first runner-up with RM 1,000 worth, and the second runner-up with RM 500 worth. Additionally, five consolation prizes worth RM 200 in prizes each will also be awarded.

Additional Festivities:

The CNY Talent Contest 2024 at Ipoh Parade is not the only highlight of the celebrations! Shoppers are invited to immerse themselves in a myriad of cultural experiences and captivating performances across multiple dates:

19 January – 8 February
10:00 am – 10:00 pm Chinese New Year Bazaar

20 & 21 January 
12:00-6:00 pm Chinese Calligraphy Couplet Giveaway by S.M Poi Lam (SUWA)

20 January 
12:00-8:00 pm Dragon Games Corner 
2:30 pm Double Lion & Dragon Dance Performance 
2:45 pm & 3:45 pm Chinese-themed Performances 
3:00 pm Muhibbah Drum Performance 
3:15 pm Sushi King Yee Sang Demo 
4:00 pm God of Prosperity Mascot Appearance 
5:30 pm Balloon Giveaway by Bicycle Clown

21 January  
2:00 pm CNY Talent Contest 2024 
5:00 pm God of Prosperity Mascot Appearance 
6:30 pm Balloon Giveaway by Bicycle Clown

27 & 28 January, 3 & 4 February, 10 – 12 February @3:00 pm
Double Lion Performance 
God of Prosperity Mascot Appearance 
Balloon Giveaway by Bicycle Clown

28 January & 4 February @3:00 pm
Chinese Paper Cutting Giveaway

Join in on these dates to revel in the enchanting rhythm of Double Lion performances, encounter the auspicious God of Prosperity, indulge in captivating cultural activities, and receive delightful balloon giveaways!

Additionally, from the 20th of January to the 4th of February this Chinese New Year, shoppers can anticipate redeeming exclusive CNY gifts at Ipoh Parade. Upon making a purchase of RM388 and above, in a maximum of two receipts from selected shops within Ipoh Parade, shoppers will be eligible to receive an exclusive Ipoh Parade CNY Floral Pillow and one set of CNY Red Pack. Redemption is subject to terms and conditions.

This redemption campaign adds an extra layer of excitement to the festive celebrations, offering shoppers the chance to bring home a delightful and exclusive item as a token of appreciation for their support.

The Ipoh Parade’s Chinese New Year celebration is an extravaganza filled with cultural richness and joyous festivities for the whole family to enjoy!

Stay updated with event details and announcements by visiting Ipoh Parade’s official Facebook page at https://web.facebook.com/ipohparade.

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